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Our Continuous Initiatives.

Ferozsons’ corporate vision at the very outset involved creating a better world for people around us. It is strongly indoctrinated in our value system to ensure the welfare of people and the communities we operate in. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vision is focused on supporting activities that sustain a healthy, educated, and humane society. In addition to various relief efforts and lending financial assistance, we are a company that believes in the intellectual growth of the society so it is pivotal for us to support creative expression through art, education and literature.

Ferozsons invests significantly to support activities focused on uplifting healthcare for communities by working closely with hospitals, patients and other healthcare and non-profit organizations. Our aim is to contribute in improving the health outcomes for the people of Pakistan.

Our disease focused strategies such as Hepatitis C elimination is in line with the country’s goals under the World Health Assembly charter that Pakistan is a signatory to and which promises to eliminate the disease from the world by year 2030.

By associating ourselves to initiatives that aim at socio-economic and cognitive uplift of people, we are striving to improve their lives and lead the country towards progress and development. Following are a few initiates we are proud to support, many of which are regularly supported by Ferozsons Laboratories year on year.