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CEO talks to the media

Osman Khalid Waheed, CEO, Ferozsons Laboratories Limited spoke to leading English language newspaper, The News, on a number of aspects related to the business. In an email interview, he outlined various projects that are currently ongoing and the future plans for expansion of the business.

Osman told the media that there are plans for expansion in the biotech medicine facility to grow the portfolio of oncology and immunization.

The CEO also emphasized on the need for consistency and stability in the external policy environment to encourage investments in the field of pharmaceuticals marketing and production.

He further spoke about the new projects that Ferozsons has embarked on to help work in some of the critical public health areas such as Mother and Child Health.

These include a diagnostics project focused on detecting complications in pregnant mothers which is in partnership with GE Healthcare as well as launch of an innovative diarrhoea relief therapy for children in partnership with PanTheryx, Inc. of USA in Pakistan.