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Statement on Remdesivir

Statement on Remdesivir:


We are privileged to announce that Ferozsons, through our joint-venture subsidiary BF Biosciences Limited (BFBL),  is one of five manufacturers to have entered into voluntary licensing agreements with Gilead Sciences Inc., to manufacture and supply Remdesivir in Pakistan and 126 other countries under Gilead’s Global Patient Solutions program.

Remdesivir has been granted emergency use authorization (EUA) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat hospitalized patients with severe COVID-19 disease. The optimal duration of treatment is still being studied in ongoing clinical trials. Under the EUA, both 5-day and 10-day treatment durations are suggested, based on the severity of disease.

Gilead’s press release can be found below:

Under the agreement, BFBL will receive a technology transfer of the Gilead manufacturing process for Remdesivir to ensure product quality and to scale up production quickly. This important step by Gilead once again underlines their unwavering  commitment to global patient access, and is one of the reasons why,  as a company committed to Putting Patients First,  we are so proud to partner with them.

Our partnership with Gilead has helped save tens of thousands of lives. As a result of this partnership, since 2014, we have been able to bring breakthrough treatments for HIV, Hepatitis B and C to patients in Pakistan at accessible costs.

BFBL is Pakistan's first biotech formulation company, and has been declared a State of the Art manufacturing unit by the Government of Pakistan. Once regulatory approvals are obtained and production of Remdesivir starts, we are confident that we will have sufficient quantities over time to serve the needs of the patients in Pakistan and abroad.

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Making medical treatments accessible lies at the heart of the Ferozsons Excellence Framework. At this time of global crisis, we renew our pledge to support our brave doctors and frontline healthcare workers in their noble mission. Thank you for putting your trust in us.