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EMERALD program launched by Ferozsons and Pakistan Society of Hepatology for Physicians

Ferozsons Laboratories Limited in partnership with and under the guidance of Pakistan Society of Hepatology (PSH) launched a Primary Care Physician Learning Initiative titled EMERALD. Expanding Primary Care Capacity to Treat Liver Diseases (EMERALD) program aims to equip physicians with the knowledge of correct diagnosis and treatment for managing Hepatitis C infections in Pakistan.

Hepatitis C infections are a major cause of chronic liver disease and cirrhosis in the country and Pakistan has the second highest burden of Hepatitis C with over 10 million estimated patients suffering from this virus.

The World Health Organization reports that there are at least 71 million persons living with Hepatitis C worldwide with about 400,000 deaths annually. EMERALD program focusses to apprise and assist the physicians in their role in areas such as prevention and education, testing and diagnosis, assessment and further care, treatment and post treatment.

Ferozsons Laboratories Limited is a leader in providing treatments for Hepatitis C patients in Pakistan for over a decade. We hope that this program helps in early diagnosis and treatment of Hepatitis C infections in order to reduce mortality and morbidity caused by this deadly virus.