Ferozsons collaborates with Ali Institute of Education for Hep C awareness in schools

Ferozsons Laboratories Limited and Ali Institute of Education collaborated to take the message of Hepatitis awareness and prevention to schoolchildren across a number of districts in Punjab. The aim of this campaign is to create awareness in children so they are able to take the message to their families and help in prevention from the viral disease that has a prevalence (Hepatitis B & C) of up to 10% in Pakistan, according to various estimates. As our awareness partners, AIE mobilized resources through their trainers to implement this programme in schools across the districts of Bhakkar and Hafizabad as well as the city of Lahore, in which the outreach extended to almost 50 schools.

More than 7,000 school children and over 200 teachers were engaged and given knowledge of the disease so they can take simple measures to prevent themselves and their families from Hepatitis. Ferozsons Laboratories Limited collaborated with acclaimed writer, Musharraf Ali Farooqi to produce stories in the shape of board games which highlight the causes of contraction of Hepatitis virus. These stories are centered around a children’s character, Moochander created by the writer.

Musharraf is a Harvard University South Asia Institute Fellow where he worked on his Kahani Se Kitab Tak Program to introduce Urdu classical literature to children through a graduate reading program, currently running at top Pakistan schools.