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Ferozsons committed to advancing heart health

Ferozsons Laboratories Limited has a history of introducing breakthrough products for heart health over the years, and is proud of its heritage of serving one of the most prevalent non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Pakistan through a portfolio of holistic solutions that include pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Historically, the company has introduced new molecules and generics as a result of international collaboration and local expertise in the field of medicine. From management of blood pressure to high cholesterol, and treatment of angina and heart failure, Ferozsons’ portfolio for heart health caters to the medical needs of the patients in Pakistan. We believe in a holistic approach where awareness, prevention and patient care are an equally integral part of our commitment at Ferozsons, beyond providing access to treatment for the disease.

Our patient-centric approach has led us to create programs including Baqaida Dawa Mein Shifa, a medicine compliance initiative and Baat Sehat Ki, a campaign for improving general health. World Heart Day is an annual event that takes place on 29 September every year. Each year’s celebrations have a different theme, reflecting key issues and topics relating to heart health.

This year’s theme is creating heart-healthy environments. Together with World Heart Federation members, World Heart Day spreads the news that at least 80% of premature deaths from cardiovascular disease (CVD) could be avoided if four main risk factors – tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and harmful use of alcohol – are controlled.

On the occasion of World Heart Day, Ferozsons is committed to improving heart health to reduce the disease burden with millions of patients in Pakistan suffering from cardiovascular diseases.