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Ferozsons Laboratories salutes Healthcare Heroes by lighting National Monuments Blue

Lahore, 5th May 2021: To honour the selfless efforts and sacrifices made by doctors, nurses, paramedics and frontline health workers during the ongoing pandemic, Ferozsons Laboratories Limited, a leading pharmaceutical company, launched a nation-wide initiative to turn three iconic monuments - Faisal Mosque, the Lahore Fort, and Frere Hall - into beacons of blue light on 4th and 5th May. The activity took place with the collaboration and generous support of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA), Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), as well as the Ministry of Interior. The initiative aimed to pay tribute to the healthcare community, the unsung heroes of the pandemic.

Representing all those who bravely battled the pandemic and lost their lives in service of their patients, Management of Ferozsons Laboratories, Government Officials and Family Members of Doctors initiated the illumination of the monuments by lighting candles in memory of their loved ones.

Speaking on the occasion, CEO of Ferozsons Laboratories Limited, Mr. Osman Khalid Waheed, said “We are all indebted to doctors and frontline health workers everywhere, who risk their own lives every day to put patients first. This initiative aims to show these true heroes the nation’s gratitude and support.”

Mr. Kamran Lashari, the Director General of the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA), paid tribute to the medical community and commented, “The healthcare workers who have worked tirelessly against COVID-19 are the real heroes. I am extremely glad to see the efforts of Ferozsons to commemorate the efforts of these frontline workers. I'm very happy that my department, walled city and metropolitan were a part of this initiative. Health workers, we salute you.”

In Karachi, Mr. Laeeq Ahmad, Administrator of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), on the lighting of Frere Hall, said “We must never forget the workers at the frontline. Every day is a struggle for them and by lighting up Frere Hall, we want to tell them that we see them, and we stand with them.”

Mr. Amer Ali Ahmed, Chairman CDA, with whose generous support the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad was illuminated blue, commented, “These unsung heroes deserve our highest appreciation and support. In the Holy Month of Ramazan, we remember their sacrifices and stand by them, just like they have stood by us.”

This event was a poignant reminder of the tremendous sacrifices made by doctors and healthcare workers across the country. Their daily acts of heroism, which often go unnoticed, deserve our highest gratitude, encouragement and support.